Solana's Woodcock

Solit is a woodcock and functional meme token.
SLT is found on Solana.

Inspired by Gallinago Solitaria.

Solit SLT


Solit SLT
low cost, more fun

Solit uses abilities of Solana blockchain to ensures that transactions remain at less than $0.01 unlike other meme tokens.

Solit SLT
decentralized and unstoppable fun

Not only is Solit ultra-fast, low cost and more fun, it is antimeme movement resistant. Meaning, the Solit network will remain open for meme lovers to fun freely and transactions will never be stopped.

Solit SLT
scale for global adoption of fun

Meet once and never worry about techs like scaling again. Solit ensures composability between universe and metaverse for fun. Never deal with high fees based systems when you bought a meme token.

Solit SLT
fast, funever

Solit is all about fun-speed, with 400 millisecond block times. And as hardware gets faster, so does the network to get more fun!




Liquidity and Farming

Earn while holding your Solit (SLT) tokens

Solit Farming Tutorial

step 1
buy SLT

You need to buy SLT to provide liquidity to the SLT/USDC pool on Atrix.

Buy SLT on DEX: 

step 2
Provide Liquidity to the SLT pool

You need to deposit SLT and USDC to become Liquidity Provider.

After provide liquidity on SLT/USDC pool, you will get ALP.

step 3
stake your ALP to get rewards
Add your ALP token here, input your desired staking amount and click “Stake”:
step 4
claim your SLT tokens
Claim your SLT tokens by clicking the “Claim button”



Solit Prices



Create a Solana Wallet

$SLT token is available on the Solana blockchain. Phantom is a friendly Solana wallet built for DeFi & NFTs and the very best at that! On Google Chrome, visit to download the extension and set up a wallet. On mobile? Visit the link.

Send $SOL to Phantom

Acquire SOL through Phantom Wallet itself or transfer it to your Phantom wallet address from another wallet (e.g. FTX or Binance).

Visit Raydium Swap

You can currently swap SOL and other tokens for $SLT on Raydium Swap, Solana’s official decentralized exchange!

Swap $SOL for $SLT

Enter the amount of $SOL you would like to swap for $SLT. Click Connect Wallet then Swap



Total Supply

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Airdrop & Bounty
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Core Team

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woodcock moon

  • remember, remember the 5th of november
  • Solit is found on Solana (November 17th 2021) 
  • listed on Solscan & Solana Explorer
  • created SLT/USDC pool on Raydium
  • SLT Burn Schedule released
  • 27.5 Billion SLT ($220.000) burned
  • Strategic Community Campaigns launched 
  • listed on CoinGecko, DexLab, Aldrin, Jupiter
  • Team Funds (54 Billion SLT) Locked 
remember, remember the 5th of november

development of decentralized fun

  • tbd54566975
  • API integration with Solana Ecosystem
  • listed on popular Wallets with SLT Price
  • marketing with Solana's Press
  • listed on SolanaProject
  • listed on CoinMarketCap
  • listed on Sonar Watch, Coin98, Atrix
  • created SLT/USDC pool on Atrix
  • listed on Step Finance

woodcock is not alone

  • watch the price
  • took a place on coinbase, (ftx soon)
  • reached 10k likes on CoinGecko
  • reached +10k people in Discord
  • treasury gate will be open to the all Soliters (soon)
  • solit has 2,600 holders in a week after launch
watch the price
phrase 2

phrase 2

  • phrase 2
  • configure the emission rates
  • open access to yield farming
  • create an organization for ambassadors
  • create new communities for each country
  • open access to treasury for ambassadors
  • spread the word on youtube, tiktok, telegram, reddit
  • listing on Coin98
  • listing on CEXs
  • reach 50,000 holders
  • charity donations